Design is not a search for a “form-sans-space” but rather spatial attributes, articulations, and experiences to be distinguished and carried forward in an almost unending exploration/ quest for a resolved “magical appropriateness”. It is a longing, a search, and an appreciation for the freshness and the unexpected; it is an invitation for a synergetic, immersive, and critical worldview to dream and co-produce newer, better worlds.

Dr. Bajwa deems city a multi-scalar continuum and architecture a discourse-able making having discursive rationale. A strong protagonist for location/ spatial intelligence [comprehending socio-cultural spatial appropriation and investigating how design, planning, and power receive spatial morphologies] and mapping spatial constellations [thematic reading of sites], he contemplates on the contexts that the CITY and ARCHITECTURE need to be continuously informed of, and interrogates the interrelations they possibly afford for INVENTIVE IDEAS OF LIVABILITY; and furthers knowledge-based spatial imaginations, interpretations, and interventions integrated across design scales.